Application of industrial tablet computer in injection molding MES

Injection molding work faces many factors, such as raw material costs, increased labor costs, confusion in the production site, difficulty in improving order production capacity, difficulty in real-time control of production failures, and so on. The manufacturing implementation system (called MES) is undoubtedly the best way to solve this problem. It will provide the company with lean production processing, including manufacturing data processing, production planning, inventory processing, equipment defect processing and data integration analysis. As the middle part of the electrical control of the injection molding machine, the industrial panel computer controls the normal operation of various components of the injection molding machine, and interacts with the MES server to receive data and accept instructions from the MES server.
Demands for industrial panel computers in the MES system of injection molding machines:

  1. Powerful calculation and data processing capabilities, short response time.
  2. Rich bus communication interface
  3. Uninterrupted operation under vibration environment for a long time.
  4. Defect alert.
  5. High-speed Ethernet is used for remote debugging.
  6. Strong anti-interference ability

  7. CESIPC solutions and products:
    ●Choose Intel Baytrail J1900 @2.0GHZ quad-core CPU.
    ●Using the planning concept of low-power no electric fan, and can work in a wide range of temperature, working temperature: -20-55 degrees.
    ●Rich interfaces, 4 serial ports, dual high-speed Gigabit LAN, 4 USB ports, GPIO, etc.
    ●With RFID, different program formulas are called by swiping card.
    ●Support 9-36V DC wide voltage input, and built-in filter, which can be used stably in complex industrial sites.
    ●Support watchdog or reset system over time.
    Field case:

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