Machine Vision Industrial PC

In the field of industrial control, industrial PC is more and more widely used in machine vision. In order to meet the market demand, CESIPC has launched many styles of machine vision industrial control machines to provide many solutions for the machine vision industry. In machine vision, we refer to the official definition from Google: … Read more

good news! CESIPC was once again recognized as a high-tech enterprise

good news! good news! ——According to the relevant provisions of the National “High-tech Enterprise Recognition Management Measures” and “High-tech Enterprise Recognition Management Work Guidelines”, with the high attention and strong support of company leaders and the joint efforts of business department employees, CESIPC relies on core technology And the ability of independent innovation was once again assessed as a national high-tech enterprise. Recently, the company has obtained the “High-tech Enterprise Certificate” jointly issued by Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee, Shenzhen Municipal Finance Bureau, and Shenzhen Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation.

Chengdu International Industry Fair 2021 is here

CESIPC was kindly invited by the organizer Hannover Milano Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to participate in the Chengdu International Industrial Fair 2021, which will be held at Chengdu West China International Expo in Chengdu, Sichuan Province from April 22 to April 24, 2021. City exhibition. CESIPC is waiting for you at D033, Hall 15H!

What are the requirements of the counterbalanced unmanned forklift-AGV trolley for the on-board TOUCH MONITOR

At the beginning of 2020, the impact of the global new crown epidemic on the physical industry has further catalyzed the determination of business owners to build “unmanned factories”. The counterbalanced unmanned forklift is based on a visual unmanned driving platform, diversified and fully automatic unmanned handling and goods in and out of the warehouse. … Read more

waterproof computer is used in the food and drug industry

CESIPC provides a variety of stainless steel touch industrial computers for food processing. CESIPC’s industrial computers have been used by world-leading companies and well-known companies in the meat, fish and dairy industries. The customer’s application environment and after-sales feedback have confirmed that our waterproof stainless steel industrial panel computers are in Reliable application under environmental conditions.