Food Processing

CESIPC provides a variety of stainless steel touch industrial computers for food processing. CESIPC industrial computers have been used by world-leading companies and well-known companies in the meat, fish and dairy industries. The customer’s application environment and after-sales feedback have confirmed that our waterproof stainless steel industrial panel computers are in a variety of harsh environments. Reliable application under environmental conditions.

Automated Industry

Industrial automation technology is the use of control theory, instrumentation, computer and other information technology to realize the detection, control, optimization, scheduling, management and decision-making of industrial production processes to achieve the purpose of increasing output, improving quality, reducing consumption, and ensuring safety. The comprehensive high-tech, including industrial automation software, hardware and systems.

CESIPC industrial computer, with a variety of mature, advanced technology and flexible manufacturing mode, provides relatively leading differentiated product solutions for the industrial automation industry, and helps customers occupy an advantageous position in the market.

Smart Transportationg

The railway system has good convenience and extensive economic benefits. Self-driving and public transportation, subways, and high-speed rail have become the inevitable means of transportation for people’s daily travel.
The intelligent transportation of the Internet of Everything must have strong data as a guarantee. The total solution for data collection, collection, processing and storage is still relatively necessary. As a hardware manufacturer of intelligent transportation in the new era, CESIPC also poses major challenges to us on how to ensure the security, reliability, and real-time performance of data and networks.

Machine Vision

Machine vision is a comprehensive technology, including image processing, mechanical engineering technology, control, electric light source lighting, optical imaging, sensors, analog and digital video technology, computer software and hardware technology (image enhancement and analysis algorithms, image cards, I/O Card etc.). A typical machine vision application system includes image capture, light source system, image digitization module, digital image processing module, intelligent decision-making module and mechanical control execution module.

In the field of industrial control, industrial control computers are used more and more widely in machine vision. In order to cater to market demand, CESIPC has pushed out many styles of machine vision industrial computers, providing many solutions for the machine vision industry.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is the use of GIS technology to design the environmental monitoring network, and the information collected by environmental monitoring can be stored and displayed in a timely manner through GIS, and detailed site monitoring and analysis of the selected evaluation area. The Environmental Protection Agency is establishing an environmental monitoring point system, which is comprehensive, continuous and traceable. Real-time monitoring of carcinogenic, teratogenic, and sudden pollution sources, establishment of sites, sampling of waste water and waste gas, and real-time upload to the Environmental Protection Bureau system.
CESIPC has always attached great importance to environmental protection work for a long time. For environmental monitoring systems, Collard has launched a series of industrial computers for monitoring networks in the atmosphere, water environment, near rocky seas, ecology, pollution sources, acoustic environment, and sealed environment.

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