Thank you for your trust and support. Whenever you purchase our industrial control products, we will provide you with the following after-sales service commitments:

1 year warranty

The warranty period of CESIPC industrial products is 1 year. Under the premise of normal use, if there are any quality and technical problems, CESIPC will provide free after-sales maintenance services (except for man-made damage or burnt).

Provide maintenance and replacement services within 3 years

Since the date of purchase of CESIPC computer products, if there is a hardware failure within three years, maintenance services can be provided. For the case of exceeding the 1-year warranty period, relevant materials and parts fees and service support fees shall be charged. There is no promise for products that exceed the warranty period 100% repaired.

Note: Due to the fast update speed of electronic products, there is no guarantee whether the parts will be discontinued after 4-5 years, so generally only a 3-year warranty period can be provided.

Quick after-sales response

Communicate by phone first, then call for service.

For the problem of after-sales response, Kollard company provides 24 hours telephone online service, telephone communication within 4 hours to solve, and 48 hours to provide solutions. If it is determined that it is a hardware failure, CESIPC will arrange the nearest repair channel professional technicians to provide repair services. If it cannot be repaired in time due to special reasons, CESIPC will negotiate a solution with the customer.

Note: This is not suitable for industrial tablet computers and rugged tablet computers.

Free warranty is not provided in the following situations:

  1. The product or component exceeds the corresponding warranty period;
  2. Failure or damage caused by incorrect or improper use, maintenance or storage, such as: improper handling; use not in accordance with the product’s reasonable intended use; improper plugging and unplugging of external equipment; falling or improper external force impact and extrusion;
  3. Products or parts (such as housing, LED screen, interface, components, wiring, etc.) caused by contact or exposure to inappropriate temperature, solvents, acid-base, water immersion or humid environment; and insect bites or foreign body intrusion, etc. Fragmentation, corrosion, damage, etc.;
  4. Failure or damage caused by installation, repair, modification, addition or removal by non-CESIPC Computer Authorized Organizations or personnel;
  5. There is no valid sales invoice or warranty card, unless otherwise specified in this document;
  6. Failure or damage caused by the use of unauthorized, non-standard or non-publicly issued software;
  7. Failure or damage caused by force majeure or accidents;
  8. Any failure or damage caused by the product during transportation.