Industrial displays are different from commercial displays. Due to the particularity of the application environment, in design, industrial displays focus on stability. As an industrial display, industrial display R&D and production factory, what kind of industrial display do we have for customers to choose?

CESIPC 4:3 industrial displays are available in 8 inches/10 inches/12 inches/15 inches/17 inches, independently designed and developed, and the frame adopts 5mm high-strength aluminum alloy panel inverted design, independent mold opening, capacitive touch screen, perfect fit For the panel, full-flat industrial display, the panel is IP65 dustproof and waterproof. Provide HDMI/VGA display interface.

4:3 Industiral Touch Monitor








CESIPC 16:9 industrial display has 15.6-inch/17.3-inch/21.5-inch, independent design and development, the frame adopts 5mm high-strength aluminum alloy panel inverted design, independent mold, 1920×1080 resolution capacitive touch screen, perfect fit Panel, full-flat industrial display, panel IP65 dustproof and waterproof. Provide HDMI/VGA display interface.

16:9 Industiral Touch Monitor




For the above two types of industrial displays, we have the same interface connection. For the stability of the input power supply, we provide customers with a 2PIN aerial plug interface. In the display, there are industrial VGA interface and high-definition HDMI interface. In addition, we provide customers with a USB interface, which is mainly for customers to connect to the touch controller of the host through the USB interface when using our industrial displays to play a touch role.

In response to customer needs, CESIPC designed a dedicated counterbalanced unmanned forklift-AGV car-to-vehicle industrial display FPM-1202B. FPM-1202B is a 12-inch industrial display specially designed and manufactured by CESIPC for in-vehicle applications. The appearance adopts high-strength aluminum alloy and touch screen fit all-planar design, capacitive touch mode, short response time, and can be applied freely under vibration, extreme temperature, humidity, dust and dirt environments.

The characteristics of industrial display products are as follows:

  • Industrial grade 12-inch TFT LCD, full-plane capacitive touch screen
  • High-strength aluminum alloy machining design, front panel IP65 protection level
  • Slotted waterproof rubber strip on the back of the front panel cover, waterproof, dustproof and anti-vibration.
  • 2Pin aviation plug-in DC input, support 9-40V wide voltage input
  • Support HDMI or VGA display input
  • Support 1 USB interface (customized aviation plug)
  • Slim design makes installation easy
  • Support VESA desktop installation and embedded installation

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