In 2009, Klad Company was established, dedicated to integrated solutions for the industrial control product industry;

From 2010 to 2012, as Intel Design House, focusing on industry motherboard research and development solutions;

In 2013, in cooperation with Launch, launched the industrial host, the company entered the LEVEL10 complete machine era;

In 2014, it launched an industrial tablet, reinforced handheld tablets, and entered the semiconductor testing and industrial automation industries;

In 2015, it reached a strategic cooperation with CIMC to enter the new retail and Internet of Things industries;

In 2016, the company’s performance grew rapidly and realized a turnaround;

In 2017, it was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise;

In 2018, ISO9001 quality management system, 3C certification;

In 2019, it reached a strategic partnership with China Mobile and entered the sports live broadcast industry.

Summarizing these twelve years, Collard has faced all kinds of customers along the way, and many customers have grown up with us.

Because in the industrial control industry, a large part of the products are made in small batches or customized, which means that no company or company says that their new products will have no problems.

As a smart hardware manufacturer, sometimes although our hardware is not problematic, problems such as compatibility and application environment uncertainty when developing software may cause system problems. Customers can find our company for technical support .

If there is a problem with the quality of our hardware, we will never avoid customers and shirk responsibility. Efforts should be made to assume the responsibilities and make corresponding solutions to minimize the loss of customers.

As a physical enterprise, the orders placed by customers to us are definitely not tied down by flickering, hand-handling, or profit binding. It depends on the trust of customers in our company and the unanimous recognition of our values.